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Airing of Grievances: Sinister Cyclists

Tyler Mead, Senior Staff Reporter

January 19

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Dear Sinister Cyclists,I find myself writing a second letter to you, because not only did you fail to take my previous message to heart, you've managed to get worse. That, and I have a car now.Before, you held the power...

Airing of Grievances: Suburban Posers

September 15

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Dear Suburban Posers,We have returned to school, a cesspool of fellow Tulanians all just "rolling [in the] wave" and trying not to drown. There are thousands of new people to meet every year and everywhere you go. When you meet...

Airing of Grievances: Social Media

August 24

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Dear Social Media,Before I discovered you a couple years ago, I used to fill my time with useless activities like reading a book, volunteering, playing soccer or watching TV with a cup of steaming hot chocolate and my best friend Whis...

Airing of Grievances: Irby Bathroom

April 13

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Dear Freshmen and Aspiring RAs,I know that you all dream of living in the most luxurious dorm on campus, but let me tell you about the hidden gem known as Irby Hall. Designed to resemble a steamboat, Irby always operates smooth...

Student newspaper serving Tulane University, Uptown New Orleans