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As the sun creeps out over leafless trees and Jack Frostretreats to warm-weather hibernation, baseball fans anticipate thedawning of a new season. For the estimated 29.6 million fantasysports players in the world, late February to October is high timefor sorting through endless lines of statistics, sabermetrics, andother numbers that may or may not have any bearing as to what willactually transpire at the plate.

Dating back to the first rotisserie baseball league in 1980, newtechnology has continued to revolutionize the way we play fantasybaseball, ultimately simplifying the statistical tracking process.Just like baseball itself, today’s fantasy players have modern-daytools at their disposal to take their game to the next level. Thesethree relatively recent innovations can enhance the fantasybaseball experience, bringing levels of competition and fulfillmentnever before thought possible:

1. 4G Internet – Every fantasy player will need Internet accessin some capacity to manage his or her team, but with high-speedInternet coverage, on-the-go users can update their rosters andstay current on information as developments break.

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than watching a game andseeing a starter has been bumped up in the rotation, only torealize he’s currently riding fantasy pine. With 4G Internet access, you canquickly make the substitution whether you’re in the bleachers, atthe bar up the street or watching from the comfort of your ownhome. Or, if you notice a set-up man is getting the saveopportunity or a utility guy is in the starting lineup, you canread up on the situation and grab the player off the waiver wirebefore a league-mate has the chance to swoop in.

2. Phone apps – Both ESPN and Yahoo have smart phoneapplications for sale that offer a mobile adaptation of the fantasybaseball interface you would find on their standard league pages.Though not as fully functional as the computer version, these appsare effective in keeping you up to date on your score throughoutthe week, as well as transactions, messages and other league news.RotoWire, a free app, will also give you up to date fantasy-focusedplayer information, alerting you to breaking injuries, trends andtrades.

3. Twitter – Perhaps fantasy sports’ biggest limitation is alack of contact between fantasy owners and their players. Countlessprayers go unanswered in vain, as owners wish to themselves, “If heonly knew how much tonight’s game means to me.”

Twitter is the closest platform to fantasy coaching. Why not letBrandon Phillips (@DatDudeBP) know you need a steal or a few moreRBIs? Yes, it typically holds true that you are the only person whocares about your fantasy team, not to mention MLB players have muchbigger fish to fry than the ups and downs of your season. Still, itcouldn’t hurt to coach up your players from time to time, recognizeoverachievement or send words of wisdom during a slump. You maynever get a spot in the dugout, but for fantasy owners with aTwitter account, all the advice, inspiration and motivation you canmuster is only 140 characters away.

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