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The wild times of the western frontier have long passed, butperhaps no state in the union offers a better glimpse into the pastthan the least populous one. A Wyoming vacation is a fantastic way to explore America’s WildWest past and present.

Whether you decide to hop in the car to see for yourself orcheck out what tour companies like Tauck have to offer, thefollowing are some must-see destinations when you embark on yourWyoming vacation:

* The Bighorn Mountains. Visitors from the East get their firsttaste of the Rocky Mountains when heading into the Bighorns. Themountains offer infinite views of the surrounding western landscapeand feature beautiful waterfalls and high-walled canyons. Get anauthentic western experience by spending a night at The Ranch atUcross just east of the range.

* Cody, Wyoming. Perhaps no town in America keeps the westernexperience alive better than Cody, bearing the name of its founderBuffalo Bill Cody. Check out the Buffalo Bill Historical Centerduring the day and head to the Cody Rodeo at night, which runsevery weekend during the summer. After that, kick back at one ofthe local watering holes or grab your partner for a night ofdancing at the local honky-tonk.

* Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks. Visitors toYellowstone, America’s oldest national park, stand a good chance ofviewing elk, wolves, black bears and grizzly bears, and mostdefinitely bison in their natural habitat. Geological wonders likegeysers and mudpots give the impression that there is no otherplace like this on Earth. The Teton Range offers some of the moststriking scenery to be found in America with towering peaks thatexplode from the surrounding prairie.

* The Snake River. Explore western Wyoming as the earlyexplorers did – by water. Depending on your tolerance foradventure, take a leisurely trip through calm waters that allowsyou to gaze at the Tetons and perhaps spot a moose, or opt for anexhilarating tour through world-class rapids.

* Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse. These two national monumentsare actually in South Dakota near Wyoming’s eastern border, butpresent a great way to start or end a trip around Wyoming. Take inthe breathtaking beauty of the four stone-carved faces of greatpresidents before checking out the progress on the memorial to theNative American leader Crazy Horse. When completed, the Crazy HorseMemorial will be the largest stone carving in the world. Head westinto Wyoming and you’ll soon arrive at the natural oddity that isDevil’s Tour.

If you’re craving some time in the open range and wide openspaces, take a week or so to enjoy all that is a Wyoming vacation has to offer.