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Maybe you’re just tired of it, maybe it’s no longer running,maybe you just don’t need it now that the kids are out of thehouse, or maybe you could really use the tax deduction – whateverthe reason for wanting to donate a car to charity, you should knowa few things in order to make that happen.

Car donations are very easy to make, and you can include yourdonation as a tax deduction, while supporting a charity of yourchoice at the same time. So what do you need to know and have onhand to make the donation happen?

At, youcan fill out the car donation form, pick a charity to receive yourdonation, and a licensed, bonded and insured towing company willpick it up right from your driveway within 24 hours of you namingthe charity you want it to benefit.

The form asks you the following questions:

* Is there any damage to the exterior or interior of thecar?

* Is the car driveable?

* Do you have the certificate of title?

* Do you have the keys?

And even if you answer yes to the first question, and no to thefollowing questions, it doesn’t always mean your car won’t beaccepted as a donation. An operator can work with you to determineif donating your car is the best option for you. That’s all theeffort that goes into donating your car. But make sure you keep thereceipt for your tax records so youcan claim the donation on your 2011 taxes.

You can list the fair market value of your vehicle (not toexceed $500) on your tax statement for that year for a nicededuction. If by chance, your vehicle sells for more than $500, youwill receive a new receipt in the mail after the sale

If you’re ready to get rid of the extra car hogging space inyour garage or driveway, visit to donate car.