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Last year, when she was giddy over the anniversary of the dayyou both met, were you clueless? Did you fail to notice when shecompletely changed her hair style? Or – even worse – did you forgether birthday?

Valentine’s Day is youropportunity to make up for it all – with gifts and experiences thatwill leave her breathless and delighted with your love for her. Ifyou’re wondering just how to do that, here are some ideas to helpyou:


It’s not just a sexist stereotype – women really do lovereceiving flowers, especially for Valentine’s Day. But don’t thinkthat just showing up with a bouquet of roses in your hands is allit will take to “wow” her. Presentation counts, gentlemen.

Sending flowers to her workplace will score you some seriouspoints when she’s the envy of every other gal in her office. Ifyou’re taking her out to a fancy restaurant, consider dropping offthe flowers first and asking the host or hostess to make surethey’re placed on your table to greet her when she sits down. For atruly romantic floral gesture, cook her a meal at home, put a whitecloth on the table, and strew rose petals around the plates andsilverware.


Just like flowers, jewelry is always a welcome gift. But beware:when it comes to giving jewelry, your philosophy should definitelybe “go big or go home.” That doesn’t mean you have to go into debtto buy her the biggest stone you can find. Rather, your jewelrygift needs to make a big impact, either by being breathtakinglybeautiful or something that has special meaning for her.

Once you know how much you’ll spend, be sure to find out whather favorite pieces and styles are. Maybe she’s a ring girl. Orperhaps she favors pendants. Poll her female friends and relativesfor ideas. One economical option – that she’ll also find sweet andspecial – is to create a charm bracelet for her. Many jewelrymakers now offer quality bracelets that can be customized withcharms that are meaningful for the wearer. For example, if you metwhile walking your dogs, she might be enchanted by a bracelet thatfeatures a dog bone and a small heart.


Words are powerful and nothing says “romance” like putting yourfeelings into words. It might seem corny – or even embarrassing -to you, but chances are she’ll be thrilled with a beautiful cardand a handwritten note telling her just how much you love her. Takeit up a notch by learning (or writing) a love poem and reciting itfor her in a private moment.

And of course, the ultimate romantic gesture will always beasking her to share her life with you. A Valentine’s Day proposal can be adream come true for many women. And if you’ve already married thelove of your life, take this opportunity to let her know you’dgladly do it all over again – by asking her to renew her vows withyou.

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