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In this fast-paced world, the ability to adapt and changequickly is essential. This is especially true for smallorganizations and nonprofits, which must be as nimble as possibleto accommodate the needs and wants of members and donors. A bigpart of that is having a well-developed website.

Organizations and nonprofits with membership and fundraisingneeds have unique needs when it comes to their websites. Thatsimple fact might make it seem as though only professional webdevelopers could address those needs – and only at a high cost.

Since budgets are often tight, friends and organization memberswith relevant skills often volunteer to help out with creating awebsite. While their intentions are good, the common problem isthat the project gets put off again and again, delaying the launchof a tool that can help build membership and improve services. Andif the website doesn’t serve members and donors’ needs, or isdifficult to update, it will only be a frustration.

However, this doesn’t mean that getting a website up and runningfor your organization is impossible. Advanced membership software, whichdramatically simplifies the functions that organizations need in awebsite, like membership management or online fundraising, is noweasily accessible. Companies like Wild Apricot make it available ina format that is as simple to use as a word processing program.

Paying to have someone else develop a website with membershipmanagement and fundraising capabilities could normally cost up to$50,000, but Wild Apricot allows you to create the website you needand maintain it for as little as $25 per month. Using websitesoftware, in addition to being an initial cost-saving measure,also proves valuable in the long run because it is simple toupdate. That means that you don’t need to call in the pros everytime adjustments are needed.

You can choose your websitetemplate from a variety of options that can get your site upand running quickly. Since virtually anyone can create a fullyfunctioning membership website in a matter of hours, withoutprogramming or HTML, you can start serving your members faster thanyou might have imagined.

In today’s challenging economic times, nonprofits, smallorganizations and clubs have to do more with less, while stilldoing everything they can to support the members and donors who inturn support them. And in that environment, a strong website is oneof the key components to keeping an organization vital. Withlow-cost website software easily within your reach, there’s noreason to delay creating a Web presence that can help yourorganization grow.

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