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Businesses small and large have been on a roller coaster rideover the past couple of years. While that’s meant some tough times,it’s also inspired business owners and the government to look fornew ways to stimulate growth, despite the challenging economicconditions.

And for small business owners, that’s a good reason to beincreasingly optimistic.

It’s long been clear that small businesses play a major role indriving the American economy. Even more evidence of that wasPresident Barack Obama’s signing the Small Business Jobs Act intolaw in September 2010.

In the months since then, the outlook has been increasinglypositive, though modestly so. However, that’s something that SBOscan take heart in. One Bloomberg article quotes a Moody’s economiststating that even gradual improvement in business engagement willhelp the recovery.

The economic environment will certainly have an impact on yourbusiness, but it’s important to remember that what you do toprotect and to grow your company has an equally significanteffect.

To make sure that you’re doing everything possible to stay aheadof the game, do periodic business assessments. They can help youunderstand your bottom line, areas with potential for growth andissues that need to be addressed.

An assessment can also tell you whether the positive changes inthe small business environment are reflected in the health of yourbusiness. If you’re benefitting from better business conditions,it’s just as important to address those changes as it is to takestopgap measures with problems.

For instance, if your company is growing – adding new employees,expanding to new locations or seeing an increase in sales – youneed to consider your changing business insurance needs. It’s important to not neglect thistask, even if it seems daunting. By not addressing it, you could beputting the growth your business is seeing at risk.

If searching for the right policies at the right prices seemslike something that doesn’t fit into your schedule, you still haveoptions. For instance, you can get multiple business insurance quotes from leading insurance agencies,based on your company’s specific needs, by using InsuranceEdge,provided by BOLT(SM) from American Express OPEN. You simply need toenter your business information and you’ll receive real-timebusiness insurance quotes and assistance from a licensed agentwhen you’re ready to choose a policy.

Since success requires you to adjust your business approach asmuch as setbacks would, arming yourself with knowledge and theright tools is important. With the horizon looking brighter forsmall business owners, it’s time to prepare your business forwhat’s to come.