Tulane makes strides in LGBT healthcare

The Tulane Hullabaloo commends the Tulane Medical Center in downtown New Orleans for taking important steps toward LGBT equality in healthcare, affirmed by its recognition as a leader in LGBT Healthcare Equality in the Human Rights Campaign’s “Healthcare Equality Index 2016” on Monday.

The index includes a comprehensive assessment of staff training and inclusive policies and practices. The hospital and clinic prides itself on its policies against discrimination and its extensive policies that allow for individuals who identify as members of the LGBT community to access healthcare in New Orleans.

Staff members at the hospital and clinic are trained not only on how to accommodate those individuals, but also on what language is appropriate to use when discussing LGBT-related health issues. Additionally, the hospital and clinic offers a gender and sexuality clinic every Tuesday from 1 to 5 p.m.

While The Hullabaloo does not wish to take an overarching political stance, the editorial board does support the accessibility of healthcare for LGBT-identified individuals and commends the Tulane Medical Center for its efforts to promote equality in its services.

Recently, the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, or House Bill 2, was passed in North Carolina, barring transgender individuals from using public restrooms that don’t match the gender marked on their birth certificates. Additionally, Mississippi’s Religious Liberty Accommodations Act will go into effect July 1, prohibiting any legal action from being taken in instances of discrimination against LGBT individuals.

These laws, as well as subsequent action by other states eliminating official travel to North Carolina and Mississippi, are indicative of national polarization on issues concerning LGBT equality.

While there may be staunch division of opinions on many of these types of issues, accessibility to healthcare is not necessarily strongly contested among the American public. According to a Gallup poll from November 2012, 77 percent of Americans believe that there should be health insurance (as well as other employee benefits) available to gay and lesbian partners or spouses.

As Americans continue to debate contentious and pressing policy issues, it is assuring to know that the Tulane Medical Center is leading the charge toward equality here at home, especially at a time when related issues have sparked controversy around the country.