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If keeping your New Year’s resolution means organizing your homeoffice, now’s the perfect time to start. Sometimes all a workspaceneeds is a little dose of TLC, so here are some tips to help youstock up on the supplies you need to start the new yearrefreshed.

Refill your supply of computer paper

Imagine the moment you’re about to print, and suddenly youdiscover you’re out of computer paper. By stocking up on paper essentials like printerpaper, you’ll be able to print at the ready.

Be prepared with printer paper

When it comes to printing everyday documents like personalnotes, shopping lists and receipts from online purchases, generalprinterpaper is essential. OfficeMax carries a wide variety ofmultipurpose copy paper, so you can find the one that best suitsyour needs.

Print like a pro with premium photo paper

Today’s photo paper delivers photo-lab quality at a fraction ofthe price. So to create professional-quality photos on your own,you’ll need high-quality photo computer paper. Perfect for workpresentations, brochures and scrapbook photos, stock up on a wideassortment of premium photo printer paper – including high gloss,soft gloss, matte and more.

Create professional documents with high-quality copy paper

Professional documents like presentation booklets, resumes orformal correspondence require a higher quality computer paper. Toget the results you need, upgrade to printer paper with a heavierweight like cotton, linen or fine parchment. If your presentationincludes photos or graphics, try a premium glossy paper to give ita sleek, eye-catching edge.

Stock up on other home office essentials

Once you’ve replenished your supply of copy paper, why not stock up on all of your other essentialoffice supplies? Make a list of the items you need, from notebooksand sticky notes to desktop organizers and more. Then, check eachitem off your list and enjoy a bountiful, fully stocked start to anew year.

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