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Getting great deals on gently used items is not a new concept,as thrift stores and consignment shops have been around for ages.But the Internet has brought forward a new age in thrifting, asbuyers can browse items and connect with sellers more easily thanever. A number of online enterprises have also popped up for thesole purpose of peddling refurbished items at low prices.

Buying items secondhand presents its challenges, as sometimeswading through item after item of questionable quality can begrueling. But if you know the right places to look, you can getsome serious deals on quality items in the blink of an eye or clickof the mouse. While not everything lends itself to multiple uses,the following items promise great bargains to those who know thevalue in buying secondhand.

Cell phones: Keepingup with the latest trends in the mobile phone world can beexhausting – and expensive. Or if your phone breaks, you may findyourself having to sign a new contract with your provider to get adeal on a new one. The good news is websites like ReCellular offerdiscounted cell phones,including many recent models that have been refurbished. Getting agreat deal on your own can free you from the restrictions anundesired contract and may beat any deal your provider can offer.Visit to seewhat types of gently used phones are available.

Computers: Since technology changes so rapidly, you maysometimes feel as though you paid way too much money for your newcomputer even a year or two after buying it. If you don’t need allthe latest features, buying a refurbished computer may be the wayto go. Check to see if a business in your area sells refurbishedcomputers or check manufacturers’ websites to find out if theyoffer refurbished versions of their own products – all the betterif a warranty is included.

Books: Because most people read a book only once, there areplenty of gently used copies of the next novel you hope to tackleavailable. Used books can often be had at half price or less. Checkto see if there’s a used bookstore in your area or visit an onlinemarketplace. This is especially true for textbooks, as buying usedcan save hundreds of dollars for college students.

Tools: Simple tools are also items that won’t wear down muchover time. Items like shovels and hammers can be purchased for nextto nothing at yard sales and thrift stores and will work just aswell as new ones. A word of warning: Power tools aren’t as sure ofa bet, as they are more expensive and battery-powered tools inparticular have a tendency to wear out more quickly.

Buying these items used is a great way to get the samesatisfaction out of an item while saving money and reducing yourenvironmental impact. As with buying new, the more homework you dobefore purchasing, the more confident you can be about getting agreat product.