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Millions of toner cartridges are thrown away every year in theUnited States. If you stacked all those discarded toner cartridgesworldwide in a single year, there’d be enough to circle the Earthmore than three times, according to The sitealso states it would take nearly a gallon of oil just to make onenew laser printer toner cartridge.

Fortunately, there’s a simple and cost-effective way to reducethis waste. By recycling and refilling used cartridges with newtoner, you’re choosing an environmentally preferable option thatwill also save you money.

Refill and reuse toner cartridges

Whether you use an inkjet or laser printer, toner cartridges can be refilled and reused, on average, fourto six times. And with a tonerrefill kit, you can even do it yourself. Be sure to purchasethe correct kit for your specific printer, as they vary dependingon model and brand. All you’ll need to do it yourself is a steadyhand and some patience.

Not up for the do-it-yourself method? Many office supply storescan refill toner cartridges for a fraction of the price of a newone. Remember, too, that successfully refilling printer toner andtoner cartridges is dependent on whether the original cartridge isin good condition. If it’s excessively old or worn out, mostretailers won’t refill it – and it’s typically not worth doing ityourself, either.

Another option is to purchase and refill high-yield tonercartridges. This type of cartridge contains more toner than thestandard version and produces an output that can reach up to 10,000pages. Not only does this increase productivity and reduce the costper print, but these cartridges are the same size as a standardcartridge so they’re simple to install in any printer.

Recycle toner cartridges

To recycle your toner cartridges, simply drop them off atretailers like OfficeMax. They offer recycling programs andincentives such as cash back or store credit for recyclingqualifying brands of ink and toner cartridges. They’ll collect,clean, refill and resell those recycled cartridges asremanufactured printertoner cartridges. If not repurposed, the materials from thecartridges are recycled and reused.

Donate toner cartridges

Donating your toner cartridges is another great way to help theenvironment and people in your community. Many schools, churchesand non-profit organizations accept donated printer tonercartridges. Or they use toner cartridges as fundraising initiativeswhere the cartridges are recycled in exchange for cash.

Do your part to work responsibly

With these quick and effortless ways, you can do your part tominimize your environmental impact, save money and help others.