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‘Tis the season for sharing. We give and receive hugs, exchangegifts and share holiday meals. We also share germs, a less thanfestive experience at this time of year. If you come down with asinus or ear infection, you probably head to the doctor and take adose of antibiotics, which will make your head feel muchbetter.

But antibiotics attack and kill off all the bacteria in yourbody, depleting your system of the good bacteria that helps yourdigestive system. And during the winter months, when you’resampling heavier, richer and different foods, the pathogenic (orharmful) bacteria may build up – through exposure to other peopleand through those foods.

Consuming probiotics,or good bacteria, helps your body to metabolize the nutrients thatyou eat, build up protection from pathogenic bacteria and cleansome of those nasty toxins out as well – helping build up yourimmunity for future germ attacks. Probiotics, found in naturalfoods like yogurt and yeast, can help with uncomfortable issueslike diarrhea, vaginal and yeast infections. They can also helptackle other, stronger, and more painful conditions likeclostridium difficile, also called C. diff., which can causelife-threatening inflammation of the colon.

If you are eating yogurt on a regular basis, you may not see orfeel much of a difference. That’s because yogurt only contains asmall amount of active probiotic cultures that rarely survive harshstomach acid.

But probioticsupplements, like the Ultimate Flora brand from ReNew LifeFormulas, contain 15 billion or higher of good bacteria frommultiple different strains, allowing you to replace the goodbacteria killed off by antibiotics so your body can feelhealthier.

Within 24 to 36 hours of taking Ultimate Flora, you willstart to feel better, your natural defenses will start tostrengthen and you can get back to sharing everything with yourfamily and friends – but in a healthy way. for more information about how probioticscan help you balance out the good bacteria in your body so you canfeel better, and to take advantage of a special buy two, get onefree offer for Ultimate Flora.