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If you’re an artist, you have no excuse to not do what you love.Art is an extremely creative field that opens itself up to somevery cool careers. If you consider yourself an artist or you havetraining in an artistic field, consider one of the following careerpaths:


If you have a sense of humor and you can draw, chances areyou’ve daydreamed about a career as a cartoonist. You’ve probablypaged through the Sunday newspaper, shaken your head at a comicstrip well past its prime and thought, “I could do better.” Thisweekend, put down the paper, pick up your sketchpad and start doingbetter. If you work hard enough at developing your drawing andwriting styles in graphic designtraining, you could pursue opportunities in this excitingfield.

Art therapist

Art therapy is an extremely rewarding field that allows artisticindividuals to use their gifts to help others recover from physicalor mental trauma. Art therapists focus on helping patients expressthemselves through artistic media rather than simply teaching art.This career field requires more formal training than many other artcareers, since most art therapy jobs require at least a master’sdegree in therapy.


Successful photographers work with visual elements the same waywriters work with words. While some photographers use their camerajournalistically to capture moments that tell a story, others aremore like poets who find beauty in everyday life. If you want tosucceed in the photography industry, practice taking a variety ofdifferent types of pictures, including action, journalistic, modeland landscape. This will give you the freedom to work on a numberof different projects throughout your career.

Fashion designer

The fashion design industry is rewarding because it allowsartists to actually see their work put to use in real life.Freelance fashion design provides opportunities for artists toreally flaunt their creativity, while in-house work at a massmarket firm promises more opportunities for a designer to see hiswork worn in public. Because fashion has been around since thebeginning of time, fashion designers must remember that they’llnever create something truly unique. Rather, they should focus onsmall details that transform the ordinary into something more.

Concept artist

Concept artists work on the ground floor of the entertainmentindustry. Most are independent contractors who collaborate with artdirectors to give direction on movie, television, graphic design and video game projects. While concept art hastraditionally focused on science fiction and fantasy subjects, theincreased use of computer-generated effects and characters has ledto concept art being used in a wide variety of big-budgetprojects.

Museum curator

What if you have a passion for art but you’d rather look atother people’s work and chart the course of art history? Yourperfect job may be found in a museum. Museum curators and arthistorians not only study art, but also put together collections ofwork that others can enjoy.

Because these art career paths are attractive to creativeindividuals, they can be competitive. But if you decide you want topursue any these areas, don’t give up on your dreams. Study yourdesired occupation as much as you can, work hard and surroundyourself those who share your passion.

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