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As a parent, nothing is more fun than witnessing your childrendeveloping their imaginations. But did you know the development ofyour children’s imagination is a key to them understandingreality?

Recently, psychologists have been studying the role of a child’simagination in his or her development. “The imagination isabsolutely vital for contemplating reality, not just those thingswe take to be mere fantasy,” Paul Harris, a developmentpsychologist and professor at the Harvard Graduate School ofEducation who studies imagination, said in a Sept. 2009 article inthe Wall Street Journal.

So how can you foster your child’s imagination? One idea is tocreate a fantasy land in your own home. You can start by choosing aroom to decorate with input from your child.

Start by picking a theme, as this would be a great chance foryou and your child to brainstorm and exercise your imaginations.Once you’ve settled on the theme you can start deciding how todecorate the room.

For example, if you decide on a safari theme, hop online toperuse junglemurals, as wall muralscan be an inexpensive and fun way to provide a thematic backgroundfor your child’s playroom. Decorating specialists like Decor Placeoffer a variety of adventurous children’smurals to choose from.

Once you have the wall decorations selected, move on to otherinexpensive ways you can decorate the rest of the room. Stickingwith the safari theme, you could find a bunch of stuffed lions orelephants at a thrift store, or dig out an old tent that your kidscould use as a safari camp. Encourage your children to use chairs,old sheets and other items to make a jeep they can use to travel tosee the animals.

By encouraging your kids to have fun by pretending, you’ll beable to keep them occupied for hours while also helping themdevelop their minds.

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