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As a business owner, you’re inevitably looking for marketingmethods that can reach a lot of people and increase sales, butdon’t break the bank. When used correctly, e-mail marketing can accomplishthose goals.

Whether you are new to the world of e-mail marketing, or have beenusing it for years, here are five ways you can use it to increaseawareness about your business and drive sales, courtesy of EasyContact, a provider of business e-mailmarketing products:

1. Keep in touch to increase sales conversations. Studiesindicate that prospective clients need up to nine “touches,” orencounters with a business, before making a buying decision. E-mailmarketing is one easy way to increase that exposure. Through asimple signup box on your website, or a signup sheet in your store,you can capture potential customers’ e-mail addresses and keep intouch with them until they are ready to buy.

2. Generate repeat sales. As most business owners know,acquiring new customers is more expensive and difficult thanselling to an existing customer. E-mail can help you keep in touchwith existing customers and make them aware of special offers toencourage repeat purchases.

3. Cross-sell your products. E-mail programs such as thoseoffered by Easy Contact allow you to time your messages so that youcan follow up with clients with offers related to items they havejust purchased. For example, by creating a “This Week’s NewCustomers” list, and using one of Easy Contact’s e-mail plans, youcan quickly and easily reconnect with a recent customer and givethem another reason to buy. This provides a great opportunity tocatch customers while they’re in the mood to buy.

4. Gain feedback from customers. Since it doesn’t take theeffort of a phone call or a visit, e-mail provides an easy way foryour customers to offer feedback. One option would be to send out aquestionnaire and offer those whose complete the survey exclusiveaccess to a sale or another special offer.

5. Draw your customers to your store. Through e-mail promotions,seasonal announcements or simply providing your business hours andaddress, your efforts can attract more people to your business.

Few marketing methods provide the efficiency and effectivenessof e-mail marketing. By using these tips, you’ll make sure yourmessage is that much more meaningful to your customers, and yourbusiness.

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