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Did you know that just by changing the lighting, you cancompletely alter the look and feel of a space? In the interiordesign world, that gives lighting some significant power.

How to choose the right lighting for you

Interior designers use lighting as a way to change the mood in aspace. It is the job of interior designers to influence the way aperson feels in a certain space, and with the help of some qualitylighting, their jobs are much easier. Consider these lightingoptions the next time you want to redecorate:

* Ambient lighting – Used to create a soft, warm radiance in aspace, ambient lighting is effective for creating a relaxing mood.This type of lighting eliminates most shadows to create a cohesiveappearance. Interior designers often create this look with wallsconces, paper lanterns or dimmed recessed lighting.

* Work lighting – Provides a brighter appearance useful foractivities and to reduce eye strain. Work lighting helps to createa positive and productive atmosphere in a variety of rooms,including kitchens, offices and dens.

* Accent lighting – As one of the more artistic lightingtechniques in interior design, accentlighting is used to create visual awareness by highlighting certainelements in a space. Whether it is an architectural element orfocal point in the room, this lighting adds interest and vivacityto a space.

* Artistic lighting – Students enrolled in interiordesign schools learn that most professionals use artisticlighting as a way to draw attention to artistic elements in theroom. By using a spotlight on a sculpture or painting, interiordesigners can create drama. The point of this lighting isdecorative, and so it is always paired with some other type oflighting.

There are so many unique types of lighting available on themarket that it is an art form in itself. By combining differenttypes of lighting fixtures, techniques and bulbs, you can create anentirely unique way to redecorate an existing space. Get creativeand let your inner interiordesign professional go free.

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