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Buying, selling, trading in and insuring cars are all majortasks you will likely face at some point if you own or plan to owna car.

Which means you might want to be a little educated before youhead to the dealer or the online ads looking for a vehicle – or buythe vehicle and then try to figure out the best car insurance plan for yourbudget.

A lot of information is out there for you to sift through,searching page after page of company-sponsored information, orfinding blog posts that give you half the material you reallyneed.

If you are serious about expanding your knowledge on the basicsof auto insurancecoverages and their premiums, visit Thefree articles and infographics on the site provide plenty ofbackground information about comparing insurance companies, whatfactors could increase your policy, and even interesting facts likethe average cost ($150) of a speeding ticket in the United Statesand how much more that ticket will cost you in increased insurancepremiums over three years (about $900). The site also allows you tocompare multiple insurance quotes from topcompanies.

As you head out to purchase your new car, make sure you checkout the top automobile safety picks for 2010 – the vehicles thatscored the best on the crash test dummy tests. Also brush up onyour knowledge of what car dealers might do in an attempt to getyou to pay more for the vehicle – like adding customer servicefees, or extended service contracts covering items that probablywon’t break.

Having all this knowledge at your fingertips will help you tosecure the best financial deal and safe products – for your carpurchase, and your insurance coverage. And having a good knowledgeof the industry is important before you start shopping.

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