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The baseball season is in full swing and many people across thecountry are venturing to websites to join fantasy baseball leagues.Many satellite TV providers offer specials this time of year withpackages that allow you to view multiple games per night. If allyour friends are all joining individual leagues, why not start upyour own? Here are a few tips to assist you on your quest tocreating a fantasy league that will have your friends clamoring tojoin come next season.

* Preparation

The people participating in your league should be dedicated andmust be trustworthy enough to play out an entire season, even iftheir team turns out to have a losing record. The key to makingyour group last is to set up an entry fee. Most leagues eitherchoose to have a straightforward fee of around $50.00, or offer alarge cash payout at the end of the season to incentivize players.Setting this entry fee will keep everyone in your league interestedin the big payout at the end of season.

* Leadership

Your league must vote on choosing a commissioner. This personneeds to set the bar when it comes to fairness, trustworthiness andhonesty in regard to the rules and regulations of the league. Thecommissioner will be in charge of all trades, fee collections andprize payouts at the end of the year. They will also be in chargeof any disputes between rival teams while also setting rule changesat any point during the season, so choose wisely.

* Set the rules

Once all the teams have gathered and a commissioner is set instone, the league must sit down and come up with a set of rulesthat each team will abide by. These rules need to be agreed upon byall in the league and any changes to these rules needs to be agreedupon by the majority. This will also be the time where each teamwill agree on the scoring that will be taking place duringcompetition. There are options that allow league participants toface off against each other in head-to-head stat battles or a totalpoint accumulation for each team.

* Where to play

In today’s world, most leagues will find that setting up theirteams online is the way to go for tracking. Yahoo! and CBSSportsline offer great systems for stat viewing and head-to-headlive tracking that will keep your league engaged each day whiletrying to take your teams to the championship. Most of these sitesconveniently offer these services for free.

Once you’ve got your league in place, find a spot to hold yourweekly get-togethers, break out a few bags of chips and go to town.Most teams choose a location with a specifically MLB satellite TV channels as well asa comfortable, large seating area, such as someone’s rec room. Keepscore and award points and remember, above all else, to have fun.Creating your own league is sure to make this baseball season moreexciting and engaging than ever before.

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