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Tired of your living space? You don’t have to spend a ton ofmoney to liven things up. In fact, it is not really necessary tospend any money at all. Just take a look at what you alreadyhave.

An interiordesign secret for a great way to refresh your home is torearrange your existing furniture, rugs and other room decor. Trymoving furniture away from the walls and at interesting angles.Keep in mind how you use the space and arrange items according tofunction, and avoid blocking pathways or doorways.

Take the living room, for example:

* If you use your room to watch TV, make sure all seating facesthe television.

* If your space is used for socializing, arrange seating so thatyour guests can face each other during conversation.

* Try borrowing items from other rooms to create a sereneatmosphere or better functionality in your living room space, likecalming plants or end tables for serving.

A simple interior design technique is to rearrange items on your walls.Or, take all your favorite photographs or artwork and create awhole wall space. This whimsical concept can be a greatconversation starter.

Do you like artwork but have none? Create your own by usingitems around your home. Buttons, corks, bottle caps, game piecesand old paint can be used to create artwork that provides newvisual interest to a space. And, don’t forget to check the garage.Something unusual, such as expandable insulating foam on a paintedboard can make fantastic modern art.

The possibilities are limitless. Hopefully this will sparksomething creative in you, and you’ll figure out your own designmasterpiece.

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