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Ridding yourself of things you no longer need is something thatrequires periodic attention, but can be a cathartic experience. Thenext time you decide to purge your household junk, follow theseeasy tips to help make your garage or yard sale as profitable aspossible. The extra space and money you’ll gain is worth the timeyou put in.

* Advertise appropriately: Post information like your home’saddress, time and date for free on Craigslist, Facebook and localcommunity message boards using reliable satellite Internet so thatthe right people see it. Also place an ad in your local newspaper afew days before the sale to gain even further reach.

* Label prices clearly: Always place price labels on the top ofitems. Label odd items like figurines or electronics individuallyand group other items like T-shirts or books in one area with avisible price sign. A good pricing guideline to follow is to markitems for about a quarter of what they would cost if new. Keepcopies of prices by category posted and with you in case of asticker discrepancy.

* Put up signs: First check local laws and homeownersassociation’s guidelines about posting signs. Once you’re cleared,use bright colors and arrows to attract potential customers andeasily lead them to your sale. Remember to take down your signswhen the sale ends to avoid gaining a litterbug reputation.

* Start early: Organize and ready all your merchandise the nightbefore. It’s best to set up the merchandise on tables, leave thetables in your locked garage overnight and walk them out to yourdriveway on sale day if possible. Remember to use planning time togather items you’ll probably need like change, grocery bags, tape,markers and labels.

* Promote the best: Staging your merchandise in an appealing andorganized manner is an obvious requirement. Highlight your best andmost expensive items by displaying them prominently instead ofmixing them in with the rest of your merchandise. Also considerposting high-resolution pictures of these high-ticket items in youronline advertisements using high speedInternet to attract customers who already know what they’relooking for. Check to see what satellite Internet providers offerservices in your area before you begin.

* Bargain willingly: Sell items that you’re unwilling to bargainover on eBay or Craigslist. Refusing to budge on prices at garagesales will lose you money in the long run and possibly deter returncustomers. Reduce your prices near the end of the sale because mostremaining items (except out-of-season clothing) won’t sell at yournext yard sale, and consider donating the leftovers to a charitableorganization.

* Hold onto your money: Keep your money with you so you won’thave to worry about loss or theft cutting into your profit. Avoidusing a cash box unless you have someone trustworthy manning it foryou at all times.

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