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You wouldn’t go into a job interview wearing shorts and aT-shirt. You know better than to show up an hour late to meet theparents of your future spouse for the first time. That’s becauseyou realize the importance of first impressions. For businesses,logos are often the first thing people notice. Therefore, it’simportant your logo makes a memorable first impression.

Business owners know that establishing a relationship with yourcustomers is of the highest importance. That relationship can’texist if potential customers are either turned off by their firstimpressions, or your business isn’t remarkable enough to stick intheir memories.

Because your companylogo is the face of your brand, the process of developing yourlogo should not be taken lightly. If you’re having trouble comingup with a logo that connects customers with your business andmission, it might be worth spending the money to hire a logo design company to helpyou come up with an icon that strengthens your brand.

As you’re thinking about how to make your logo stand out, hereare a few tips from the logo designers at LogoMojo,an online company that specializes in developing logos for smallbusinesses:

* Tap emotion: If you are running a small business, an edge youhave on your larger competitors is your ability to more easilyconnect with your customers on an emotional level. If you own agrocery store that specializes in offering local produce, your logoshould convey freshness and remind your customer of the benefits ofshopping locally. A good logo makes a customer feel good aboutmaking the choice to do business with you.

* Connect to customers: Everything that comes out of your storeor appears on your website should feature your company’s logo. Bygiving away something useful like key chains or pens to yourcustomers with your logo on it, you’ll foster positive associationswith your business for your customers. Of course, remembering thenames of your customers when they walk in the door and providingsuperior customer service in comparison to your larger competitorsdoesn’t hurt either.

* Create character: How does your business make your customers’lives better? This should not only be reflected in your missionstatement, but in your logo. Displaying the reason for yourexistence through your logo is the best way to remind yourcustomers that you are there to serve them.

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