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Wouldn’t you like to go “green” and help provide deservingindividuals with everyday items that can help improve their lives?Many charities collect and refurbish used items some find necessaryfor everyday activities, like eye glasses and hearing aids, as wellas monetary donations.

So next time, think before throwing away an old personal itemlike the few listed below and investigate charities that can usethem. No matter what you choose to donate, remember to check outyour chosen charity through the Better Business Bureau to helpensure your donation goes where you intend. You can even get areceipt for tax-deduction purposes afterward.

1. Eye glasses: Many people worldwide with poor vision struggleto read or work because they can’t afford eye care. Organizationslike OneSight collect used prescription reading glasses andsunglasses, then distribute them to disadvantaged people throughoutthe U.S. and the world to correct common problems like near- andfar-sightedness.

2. Hearing aids: Although hearing loss is often incorrectlystereotyped as a problem for older generations, people of all agesexperience hearing impairment. Not all of them can afford theequipment they need, which can lead to delays in development andsocial stigmatization. The Lions Club collects and recycleshearing aids andgives them to needy children and adults worldwide. Hear Now alsohelps children and adults in the U.S. by collecting donations tohelp equip them with needed hearing devices.

3. Cell phones: That old cell your new smart phone replaced canfunction outside your desk drawer. A cell phone can help needyindividuals stay connected to distant family members or emergencyservices. Cell Phones for Soldiers collects used cell phones,removes personal data, and distributes them to U.S. troops overseaswho use the refurbished, pre-paid phones to call home to theirfamilies. Cell Phone Bank also collects old cell phones and workswith law enforcement and victim services agencies to provideemergency cell phones to individuals whom cannot afford them.

4. Laptops: Trashed electronics can cause significantenvironmental damage because of their hazardous materials, sodonating them can turn a significant negative environmental impactinto a positive one. Computers with Causes accepts donations ofcomputer equipment that’s Internet-capable and in workingcondition, removes all personal information and gives it to avariety of groups. Beneficiaries include non-profits, publicagencies in the U.S. and economically disadvantagedindividuals.

5. Business clothing: Training to enter the workforce is justpart of the battle for many disadvantaged people. Dressing the partis an essential element of attaining and keeping employment.Organizations like Career Gear and Dress for Success work towardhelping recipients create their own self-sufficiency by acceptingdonations of gently worn business wear. They then counseldisadvantaged men and women on job interview skills and dress themfor scheduled interviews and later, employment.

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