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As NASCAR hits its peak in the midst of the 2010 Sprint CupSeries, masses of fans will make their way to the races. But if youcan’t score tickets and sitting in traffic isn’t quite your speed,why not try living the race experience away from the speedway witha group of friends? While you may miss out on the smell of burntrubber and the temporary loss of hearing that comes with sitting inthe stands, there are certainly perks of watching from the comfortand convenience of home.

Tailgate in your living room:

Substitute a creaky lawn chair in a parking lot with anoverstuffed recliner in your home. Invite friends to come along forthe air-conditioned ride and bring traditional tailgating foodslike hot wings, barbecue sandwiches, chips and cheese dip. Set upthe spread on a table decked in a NASCAR flag-inspired black andwhite tablecloth. Paper plates and plastic utensils can offer amore authentic tailgating experience, along with the added perk offewer dishes to wash afterward. Place all your soft drinks and beerin a cooler full of ice by the seating area or table. Unlike anoutdoor tailgate, make sure each guest has a comfortable seat whenthe race starts.

Keep track of information online:

If you’re unsure about the meaning of terms commentators uselike “stop ‘n’ go” or how points are distributed in a championshipseries, check out NASCAR 101 ( This officialresource answers almost any racing question with a glossary ofterms and explanations of money distributions. It even has anumbered diagram of a pit stop and each of its worker’sresponsibilities. Impress your friends during commercial breakswith quick history lessons that are also available online, alongwith biographies of famous racing families like the Pettys andEarnhardts.

Enjoy TV features at home:

Get the full sonic experience of the race without shouting andstruggling to hear your friends with a dedicated NASCAR televisionpackage. Leading satellite TVproviders offer channels where you can see the lateststandings, explore special NASCAR features and get guaranteedcoverage of all events. Satellite TV packages can also offerspecial features like extra commentary and additional channelsdevoted to supplementary analysis and coverage.

Stay up to speed with other sports:

Chances are, at least one person in your tailgate party willwant to keep up with another sporting event’s score. Rather thanflipping back and forth between channels during commercials,explore the features offered through satellite TV forkeeping track of other events. Some have options likepicture-in-picture score charts of other events, as well aslive-time coverage. You won’t ever have to worry about how any ofyour other teams are doing.

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