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Is your wedding day really all about you? In some ways it is,but in others, it’s very much about other people too. While theceremony is certainly about you and your fiance, the reception isabout your guests – something that becomes apparent as you planyour event. After the vows have been said and the rice thrown, youwant to make sure that your guests have a wonderful time at thereception.

Consider how much effort you put into pleasing your guests. Youtake on the delicate task of creating seating assignments so thatno one will end up feeling left out or awkward. You design tablesettings and decorations to give them a beautiful setting. You givethem dining options that allow them to choose what meal they’lllike best.

What you’re really saying, in doing all this for your guests, is”thank you for being a part of our day.” It’s important to makeyour guests feel special because they’ve often traveled longdistances, bought gifts and made changes to their schedules to bethere to celebrate with you. And when your guests are having agreat time, it will make your day even more joyful.

Luckily, adding guest-friendly touches to your reception is easyand doesn’t have to add too much extra expense to your budget. Hereare some ideas for making your guests feel like they’re animportant part of your wedding.

* You can get your guests involved from the very beginning. Onyour RSVP cards, have the printer add a space where guests can makea song request. Not only will this make for a diverse playlist,it’ll get your guests excited and out on the dance floor when theirsong is played.

* Set out a wedding guest book and ask everyone to sign it. Decorate thetable it’s placed on with childhood photos, or wedding pictures ofyour parents and grandparents, for a nostalgic touch. You couldalso ask your guests to write their marriage advice in the guestbook, giving them the opportunity to share fun anecdotes from theirlives with you.

* Do everything you can to greet and personally thank every oneof your guests. Receiving lines are one classic way to do this, butif you take photos after your ceremony, you may need to take timeduring the cocktail hour or meal to make the rounds.

* At your reception, give every guest a favor. Whether you setboxes of truffles at each place setting or display packets ofJordan almonds in a decorative basket, give a little somethingback. While it might seem like a lot of items to buy, it’s easierthan ever to find discount wedding favors on sites like can get favor boxes and bags customized to match your theme,and personalize the items by adding your monogram and weddingdate.

Organizing a wedding is no small feat, so it’s smart to cut downon the number of vendors you buy from. Seek out websites that allow you to buy items like favors,wedding napkins and guest books and offer free personalizationwith your purchase. It’ll save time and money, in addition tostreamlining your planning process.

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