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As the popularity of facial hair continues to rise, it’s nosurprise that a bevy of facial hair styles grace a wide range ofmen. Nearly 60 percent of men nationwide grow some style of facialhair, according to a recent survey by WAHL Trimmers. But, despitethe growing popularity, many hesitate to let their facial hair growbecause of the perceived challenge and responsibility of groomingand upkeep.

“The first thing people notice about you is your face.Well-maintained facial hair can make or break that all-importantfirst impression,” explains celebrity stylist, salon owner and WAHLmaster barber Ben Phillips. “Unfortunately, maintaining facial haircan be a game of trial and error for most guys. But it doesn’t haveto be. Making a few tweaks to your existing technique can make allthe difference in perfecting your personal style.”

According to Phillips, the key to a well-groomed look isunderstanding what shape best suits your face and finding the rightgrooming tool to deliverthe desired style. When considering an electric trimmer, be sure topurchase one that has the power, precision, design and run-time toeasily maintain your facial hair style.

Here are 10 tips to keep your facial hair looking good. More canbe found at

1. Before you trim, first comb hair straight using a narrowtooth comb.

2. Trim when your hair is dry.

3. For most facial hair styles, start by outlining and shapingthe hair with a beardtrimmer.

4. Manage thickness with either a snap-on length-guide comb oran adjustable length-guide comb. For longer hair, comb and trim inthe direction of the hair growth.

5. Under your chin, follow the contours of your face and jawline, work toward your ear and upper beard line using an upwardmotion. Use a slightly shorter length underneath the jaw line ashair tends to grow thicker than on your cheeks and chin.

6. For above the jaw line, start near the ear on one side andtrim down to the chin. Repeat on the other side.

7. Complete any look by cleaning up around your lips.

8. The style you choose will dictate the length of time betweentrims. For a goatee, that could be every few days. The size offacial hair should also be in relation to your facial features. Forexample, consider a full mustache if you have a pronounced nose andmouth.

9. Remember, it’s about personal style. Experiment withdifferent facial hair styles and shapes to see what best suits yourface.

10. Make sure to choose a trimmer that is best suited for yourdesired facial hair. WAHL offers specific tools for each trimmingstyle, including the Lithium Ion grooming kit, the first tool toharness the power of lithiumion technology.

If you’ve mastered these trimming tips and proudly sport facialhair, you could possibly be named a WAHL Man of the Year in thefifth annual search for the best mustache, goatee and beard inAmerica. “What started out as a simple contest has quicklyescalated into a growing community of men who believe in ruggedindividuality and expression through facial hair,” Phillipssays.

Winners of the contest will receive a 42-inch high-definitiontelevision. To enter the competition, simply submit a photo ofyourself with a mustache, goatee or beard along with some basiccontact information at by Oct. 10.

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