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Interior design trends definitely change with the state of mindof the majority. So, with the stresses and challenges of therecovering economy, continuing fast-paced lifestyles, and a desirefor positive change, the latest hot design trend is to create atranquil and optimistic home environment.

Look for 2010 color choices to include calming earth tones withhints of cheery, bold colors. In addition, expect the design toshow creativity rather than extravagance. This will go along with”green” design, which re-uses, rather than wastes, and is not onlyeconomical, but also lends a bit of a nostalgic feel.

Earth tones with bold colors

As you take a leisurely walk on a sandy beach you notice thebeige, grey and blue tones surrounding you as you breathe in thefresh, salty air. Similarly, browns and greens with hints oflavender and cherry red may take your memories to a sunny summerafternoon in a beautiful flower garden.

These scenarios describe the hot color choices for 2010, likehints of turquoise with gray, and beige or brown with splashes ofacid green, lavender and bright red. The idea is to bring thebright and peaceful effects of nature indoors. If you’re interestedin color theory, look into taking an interior designclass to learn more about the effects of interior design onpersonal well-being.

Also, big, bold and bright pattern choices in wallpaper willalso be in home fashion for 2010. However, the wallpaper is notnecessarily for the walls, but rather the ceiling. From entireceilings to just a center frame above the hanging light fixture,this 2010 design trend may be reminiscent of the popular interiordecor of the 1950s, but with a unique and updated twist.

Green, sustainable design

Green design will continue in 2010. Thrift store furniture findsthat can be painted to match the interior, or even distressed foran antique feel, will carry on as a trend. However, also look forfurniture pieces to be reused in new, creative and handy ways.

For instance, merging pieces together, like the round top of acoffee table and a pedestal from a taller square table that ismerged to create a perfectly sized and shaped bistro table. Or,instead of buying a dining room hutch, bring the old entertainmentcenter from the family room into the dining room and re-use as acontemporary glassware display.

Layering rugs will also be a big style trend for 2010. This ideawill allow for easy and inexpensive design changes. In other words,less expensive than re-carpeting or laying a wood floor for anentire room.

If home decorating trends help you get in touch with your calm,happy and creative side, interior designtraining and education might be right for you. Learning moreabout the art of interior design could turn a fun hobby into arewarding career.

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