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Traveling is fun, but the journey itself is not always morefulfilling than the destination. Advancements in air traveltechnology, however, have made getting from point A to point B amuch more tolerable process. Some of the more recent developmentshave even made riding in a plane an enjoyable prospect.

Check out some of the latest advancements that are sure toimprove your flight, be it a connector or a transatlantic.

Food – The longest running joke in air travel, airplane food hascome a long way since peanuts and canned tomato juice. Manylong-distance flights now offer items for different dietaryrestrictions, from calorie conscious to kosher. Some first classcabins, such as those found in Singapore Airline’s fleet, offerfull multi-course meals prepared by world class chefs and noteddietitians.

Entertainment – Passengers were once responsible for providingtheir own in-flight entertainment and often purchased books ormagazines to pass the time. New planes, such as Boeing’sIntercontinental jets, feature in-seat Satellite TV systems.Passengers can choose their own channel or movie from a menu,similar to that found on home satellite TV systems, but youprobably still won’t have access to HD channels. Now whenyou’re at 30,000 feet, you can enjoy satelliteTV over Texas the same way you can in your own home.

Music – Just like TV, radio has come a long way when it comes toair travel. Flyers may now listen to available satellite radiostations, from comedy to news to country music. Gone are the dayswhen screaming babies or dead iPod batteries prevented travelersfrom enjoying a restful, relaxing flight.

Seats – While standard coach seats on most carriers haven’tchanged much, great strides have been made for those willing toshell out for business travel. British Airways, for example,features seats that fully recline, offering a good-night’s sleep tothose who otherwise feel cramped in airplane seats. These recliningchairs boast privacy separators and independently adjusting lights,which only add to the at-home feel.

Internet – A few select airlines are now offering Internet useto their passengers for a fee. Now it’s possible to check e-mail,stream movies, or even pay bills while in transit. WirelessInternet, though not widely available, is set to be offered by mostairlines by the end 2014. Not just great for business travelers,Internet comes as a welcome addition to all the new entertainmentoptions to even the most casual vacationer.

At one time, people dressed up for the occasion of air travel.Although three-piece suits are hard to find nowadays, technologicaladvancements are commonplace, making this form of travelexceptional. Amenities many only dreamed would be offered in theair are now reality, available to be enjoyed by all. It’simpossible to know what’s coming next as each airline races tooutdo the others, but one thing is for sure: Air travel is onlygoing to improve in the coming years, making the journey more apart of the experience than ever.

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