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Finding just the right gift for Dad requires you to really bringyour A-game to the effort. You’ll need equal measures of creativityand determination. Fortunately, however, you won’t need to spend afortune – or invest hours scouring the malls.

The folks at RedEnvelope are gift-giving experts; they operateone of the most successful gift sites on the Web. Here are theirhints for some great Father’s Daygifts that will ensure Dad will be bragging this year about thesmarts, creativity and thoughtfulness of his family members:

1. Holster up.

Dad’s always been the lawman in the household. Make him feel athome on the range – or the grill – with a beer holster or a Grillslinger barbecue tool belt and tools. The leather holster snapsonto any standard belt and holds a 12-ounce bottle or can. Thecanvas Grill slinger tool belt comes with a grill knife, tongs andspatula – with plenty of room to spare for additional tools.

2. Shower him with jewels.

Or at least a manlier version of what might be Mom’s favoritegift category. Dad may demure at a tennis bracelet, but he’llprobably love a Magwear magnetic wristband. Strap it on and it’s anextra set of hands while doing handy work because its powerfulmagnet and large, flat surface allows him to hold multiple screws,nails and small metal items safely – not in his mouth.

Dads always seem to know a lot of things we don’t. Enhance hisair of mystery with hidden message tie clips or collar stays. Onthe tie clip, the hidden message “Love ties us together” remindshim the bonds of family connect you always. The collar stays listthe many reasons “I love you because … ” such as “you helped mewith my homework,” “you can ‘fix’ almost anything” and “you taughtme how to drive.”

3. Give him game

When it comes to team loyalty, no one beats Dad. If some of hisfondest memories involve visits to legendary major ballparks, givehim the opportunity to carry a bit of hallowed ground with him.Ballpark cuff links are crafted from the salvaged seats of some ofAmerica’s most famous and beloved stadiums, like Wrigley Field,Shea Stadium, Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium.

4. Send him sizzle

With Father’s day arriving during the heat of summer grillingseason, what better Father’s Day gift could there be than one that allows him toshow off his skills as a master griller? He can really make hismark – on steaks and in the minds of his guests – when he serves upbeef branded with his own monogrammed branding iron. Personalizedgrilling gloves or a grilling tool set make the statement thathere’s a man who knows how to barbecue with the best. And a beercan chicken roaster allows him to combine two of summer’s greatculinary joys – grilled chicken and beer.

5. Leather him up

Nothing epitomizes Dad’s enduring strength and quality – not tomention good looks – like leather. Whether you opt for a men’sleather watch case, an uber-useful leather catchall or leatherexcursion travel case, you can’t go wrong in terms of durability,beauty and functionality.

For a Father’s Day gift guide filled with even more great ideas,visit

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