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Are you trying to find a career where you can combine yourcreativity with your passion for being a leader? While there areplenty of jobs out there where you could use those skills, being acreative director will allow you to thrive on them.

Becoming a creative director at an ad agency takes gumption anddedication. It is a demanding and versatile position requiring avariety of skill sets. The chief function of a creative director isto guide a creative team consisting of professional copywriters,designers and art directors as they design effective advertisingcampaign for clients.

While creative directors work closely with their creative team,they are also responsible for working with account executives toensure all client needs are met. Each campaign is a majorundertaking that requires patience, level-headedness and theability to work under high-pressure deadlines. One of the best waysto prepare yourself for this kind of a work environment is byobtaining advertisingtraining from a credible institution.

A creative director gets all the glory that comes with asuccessful campaign, but they are also the first person blamed forany errors or failures. Some things a creative director oversees inan advertising campaign include marketing plans, client meetings,assigning tasks and creating deadlines.

In order to become successful in this position, you’ll need totake a variety of advertisingdesign courses and spend several years working in the creativefield. In addition, having an extensive knowledge of each teammember’s skills is an important way to excel at this job. Mostsuccessful creative directors have strong leadership and creativeabilities, as well as knowledge of design programs and editingsoftware.

Being involved in a campaign from its inception to itscompletion can be an exciting and rewarding process forprofessionals in the field. Enroll in a quality advertising degreeprogram to begin learning skills essential for success as aprofessional creative director.

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