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Technology has moved far beyond the days of VHS tapes and8-Tracks, and watching TV has never been more interactive or morefun. DVRs, Digital Video Recorders, are now a standard accessoryavailable through most cable and satellite TV providers, allowingyou to record your favorite shows or movies to watch exactly whenyou want.

Similar to a VCR, DVRs copy information onto a hard drive ratherthan video tapes, making recording convenient and less cumbersome.This technology allows you to schedule recordings far in advance,ensuring that with a little forethought, you’ll never miss anotherepisode of your beloved sitcom or drama again. Below, find the topthree ways TV providersmake it easier than ever for customers to schedule theirrecordings.

1. Remote

By far the easiest way to record your favorite shows is to useyour remote to select stations and set your HD DVR. Usingthe buttons provided, you can scan through listings, select wholegenres or similar shows and schedule your TV to record wholeseasons of shows or specific movies as they come on. This optionworks well for those who often find themselves watching a show ormovie and wishing they could find similar programming in thefuture. The on-screen listings and menus now available through mostcable and satellite TVproviders literally bring the power of your DVR to yourfingertips.

2. Computer

Most TV providers have websites where their customers can go tosift through the countless shows and channels offered to findspecifically what they’re looking for. Using these sites, you cancreate an account to save your personal programming preferences,pay your bill and even set your DVR to record shows and movies.Just like using a television interface, users need only to searchfor what they’re looking for and select “Record” once they find it.The site transmits the information to the television serviceprovider who digitally relays it to a home cable box or satellitereceiver for recording.

3. Mobile

Satellite TV providers recognize that in the age of smartphones,users are looking for faster, simpler ways to stay connected whileon the go. Their answer to this challenge has come in the form ofmobile applications, available for devices such as the iPhone,Android and BlackBerry. These apps make it effortless to schedule arecording of a show or movie at a specific time. Through yoursmartphone you can set your DVR to record, delete or even makesuggestions for you, all via the click of a few buttons. There’snever been a more handy way to comb through the extensiveprogramming options available through most TV providers.

As summer approaches and you plan a vacation or weekend getaway,be sure to remember to use one of these easy options to set yourDVR so you won’t miss a thing while you’re gone. The warmer weathermeans more leisure and family time, so take the steps to make sureyou and your loved ones can watch the latest blockbuster or yourfavorite shows when and where you want to. You’ll be glad youdid.

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