Get inked at Uptown Tattoos

Uptown Tattoos is located on South Carrollton Avenue. 

Uptown Tattoos is located on South Carrollton Avenue. 

Adam Samolky, Contributing Reporter

Tattoos: every Jewish parent’s worst nightmare. But tattoo artist Dave Noellert believes they are much more than that. Noellert is the owner of Uptown Tattoos, a local tattoo shop on South Carrollton Avenue. Upon entry, you may notice the walls adorned with various styles of tattoo art, ranging from old school pin-up girls to Japanese-style dragons. Or perhaps you’ll notice the taxidermy deer head overlooking the shop. Regardless, it definitely fits the formula for a classic tattoo parlor. 

Around the shop, you’ll find the staff decked from shoulder to fingertip in tattoos.

“We all really, really care about what we’re doing,” Noellert said. “We’ve all been doing it a long time, and we all kinda like to push ourselves.”

Their passion is evident. Noellert spent a lot of time talking about tattoo culture and how rapidly it’s changing. With TV shows like “LA Ink” and “Tattoo Nightmares” flooding our networks, it’s easy to forget about the proud and humble subculture behind the art. Tattoos are simply becoming more mainstream. Society has progressed to the point where a Tulane student can just waltz into a tattoo shop and start interviewing the owner.

“Shit like that never used to happen,” Noellert said.

Noellert’s own work ranges from the ordinary to the downright absurd. Take, for example, a phallus in an astronaut helmet, which he cited as the most ridiculous piece he’s ever done. So, whether you’re looking to keep it G-rated or looking for something a little more risque, Uptown Tattoos has got you covered.

Uptown Tattoos is definitely worth a visit for any bold Tulanians (or New Orleanians) who are considering going under the needle, whether for the first time or the hundredth. It’s a big decision, so check out Uptown Tattoos, where quality is guaranteed.