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Danny Verb, Contributing Reporter

“The Flash” (3.5 Stars) 

Every major blockbuster seems to be a movie about superheroes. Television continues this trend with CW’s “The Flash.”

Barry Allen is a forensic scientist who, after a massive explosion, wakes up with superhuman speed. Starring Grant Gustin of “Glee,” “The Flash” brings together an ensemble of memorable characters and maintains a thrilling, overarching plot leaving you eager to watch the next episode. 

Every episode meets its quota of fight scenes and funny one-liners. The writing may be cheesy at times but there are worse love stories and once you look past these cliches, you will fall in love with Gustin as Barry Allen. Starting off as a wild immature hero, Barry transforms into the hero we have all heard of, with more to come during the second. 

“The Flash” is an engaging, occasionally goofy show that some will love and others can do without. Regardless, take a chance and see where you fall. 

“Legends” (4 Stars) 

Each year new crime shows appear, most bringing nothing new to the table. TNT’s “Legends” may just be the newest iteration, but avoids the usual pitfalls for crime dramas. 

Sean Bean stars as Martin Odum, an FBI agent with an unmatched specialty in going undercover. While the stakes are high and much rides on Odum not breaking character, “Legends” quickly makes it clear that the show is more about the character and less about the crimes. Odum’s mental instability becomes obvious as he races to uncover if he’s become lost in his own lies and is being played by a larger figure.  

“Legends” never drags on and seems to be immune to the all too common quippy writing of most dramas. The viewer rides along with Odum, attempting to discover the truth about himself and it quickly becomes very addicting. 

With only 10 episodes in its first season, “Legends” packs each one with action, suspense and Sean Bean. See if Bean will stay a legend or die trying.  

“iZombie” (3 Stars) 

Over the last few years America has craved zombies like zombies crave brains. “iZombie” is a fresh approach to zombies making more out of a pretty standard cop show. 

Olivia Moore has everything going for her. She’s on her way to becoming a surgeon and is engaged. Sadly, within the first five minutes of the show she survives a minor zombie breakout and wakes up a living dead. Rose McIever does a wonderful job playing Olivia as a zombie who now works at the morgue to get her fix of brains. While the show can seem sad, the writers do a great job of adding in humor wherever possible. 

Very similar to the show “Psych,” the police plots act as vehicles to see how Olivia’s new zombie powers can aid a fresh new detective. Part drama, comedy and detective show, “iZombie” appeals to a variety of audiences. Plus it’s refreshing to see a woman protagonist fight to find meaning in her new zombie life. While no one can truly relate, the viewer deeply understands Olivia’s struggle.  

Artfully taking scenes from the graphic novel the show is based on, “iZombie” is unlike any zombie show before it. On the surface, it is every other cop drama but there’s more to it than meets the eye.  

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