In with the new: Riptide gets a makeover


Riptide greets Tulane fans at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Athletics plan to unveil the new Riptide costume for the Green Wave’s season opener against Duke on Thursday at Yulman Stadium.

Samantha Shafia, Staff Reporter

Riptide the pelican has undergone a physical transformation that might leave his opponents speechless while increasing the spirit of all members of the Tulane community this season. 

With all of the changes the athletic department has undergone, the marketing department wanted to make sure that Riptide felt like he was a part of the whole athletic improvement process.

“With the new logos, the new conference, and then an old mascot, we needed something new, something more up-to-date that represented us,” said Rachel Hansen, assistant director of marketing, promotions and event sales. 

Since the beginning of Riptide’s reign in 1998, he has had the same feathery hairdo and jersey. But now Riptide’s look has transformed him from his ’90s retro fashion sense to a newer and sleeker pelican.

“I think the biggest thing that people will notice is that the greens really stand out,” Hansen said. “We have a Kelly green and then we have a dark green.” 

Riptide has also been working out over the summer, so you will be able to see his more fit physique as he struts around wearing his new jersey.

Because of Riptide’s recent transition into the age of technology, those that wear the mascot suit will be kept cooler so that Riptide can maintain his spirited nature for a longer amount of time.

“Now, they make mascot suits with cooling packs and fans to keep people cool,” Hansen said.

As a result of Riptide’s makeover and technological advancements, the athletic department hopes that Riptide will be more well known around New Orleans.

“New Orleans is a place where there [are] all kinds of events and festivals, and anything like that [where] we can really get him out in front of the community, that’s what we’re going to to do,” Hansen said.

Riptide will be ready to show off his new makeover at the first home football game this Thursday.

“I hope that when our fans see him, they’re excited,” Hansen said. “Anywhere from little kids to students to other fans.”

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