ADPi to occupy AEPhi’s house in year of suspension

Akash Desai, Senior Staff Reporter

For Alpha Delta Pi sorority, the 2015-16 year is expected to bring not only new members, social events and philanthropic efforts, but also a staple for Greek organizations: a house. The sorority is renting a house at 1134 Broadway Street from Tulane sorority Alpha Epsilon Phi for the academic year. 

Tulane’s Epsilon chapter of ADPi has not had a house since its recolonization in 2013. The chapter began in 1906 at H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College and previously occupied a house on Burthe and Broadway streets through the mid-’70s.

ADPi Epsilon Chapter President Nora Cowlin said the new house will foster interaction between members in a common space. 

“We’re definitely looking forward to all of the little things like being able to study there and just have a place that you can go to when you want to relax with sisters,” Cowlin said. “I think that it’ll really help our sisterhood grow stronger than ever before.” 

ADPi used Zeta Beta Tau fraternity’s house during recruitment in spring 2015. Having a house could change the sorority’s operations during this year’s recruitment, according to Cowlin.

“We are definitely excited to have our own home base to operate out of this year,” Cowlin said. “More than anything, the house will already be set up and we’ll be able to leave the decorations up and set up on our own schedules.”

The Epsilon chapter of AEPhi has used the house for over 35 years. The chapter has been suspended for the 2015-16 year, however, due to student conduct violations.

“Alpha Epsilon Phi agreed to a Student Conduct hearing board waiver, the terms of which were negotiated between staff in Student Affairs and the organization’s national executive director,” Director of Fraternity and Sorority Programs Liz Schafer said. “The chapter pled responsible to violating university policies relating to drugs and hazing and accepted a year of suspension.” 

Schafer said AEPhi can return to active status after this school year if it follows the board waiver’s terms. 

Bonnie Wunsch, the executive director of Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority, said AEPhi is expected to move back into its home after the 2015-16 school year.

“We are only renting the house to Alpha Delta Pi for this academic year,” Wunsch said. “Alpha Epsilon Phi’s suspension ends in June 2016 and we will return to the house at that time.” 

In the meantime, Alpha Delta Pi is making preparations to move in, though no members will be living in the residence.

“We’re lucky that it’s a really beautiful home and all of the work being done is typical to what you would see in a home that has been vacant during a New Orleans summer,” Cowlin said. “We just have some minor cleaning-up.” 

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