The Arcade’s top 5 moments from the 2015 VMAs

Usually, the MTV Video Music Awards are little more than a night of disappointing musical performances and accolades showered upon not-so-gifted tween idols. The real reason anyone still watches MTV’s yearly attempt at staying relevant is for the drama like 2009’s historic incident between Kanye West and Taylor Swift. The entire night tends to build to a singular catastrophe the internet can pounce on for laughs, but this year was a beautiful flaming hot mess. Watching the burning train wreck made The Arcade feel so warm and fuzzy inside that we have to share our favorite parts.

5.) Demi and Iggy – Demi Lovato took the outdoor stage midway through the night. She performed her new song, “Cool for the Summer” in some sort of half-bondage half-swimsuit garb. She was joined on stage by international disappointment Iggy Azalea about halfway through. Iggy did her thing, meaning no one could understand anything she said. Her performance lasted approximately 20 seconds before Lovato yelled, “Iggy” causing the “rapper” to stop. Lovato continued her performance, showing the world how long it’s socially acceptable to let Iggy Azalia perform.

4.) Blubbering Biebs Justin Bieber later took the main stage rocking his brand new “young Hannibal Lector” haircut. The Biebs danced along to two of his songs, “Where Are U Now” and “What Do You Mean?” What made the performance truly remarkable was the camera cutting to Bieber’s ex, Selena Gomez, staring intently at her phone for the duration of the performance, which almost made watching Canada’s brattiest citizen bearable. The fun didn’t stop with Gomez, though, as Bieber levitated above the stage for his finale, crying when he touched back down. Media outlets like suggest that the singer was overcome with emotion, but who knows, maybe his harness for that flying trick was just too tight.

3.) The Host In a move that can now never be repeated, MTV asked Miley Cyrus to host this year’s VMAs. In past years, comedians like Chelsea Handler or Kevin Hart were selected to host in an attempt to bring some planned humor to the otherwise joke of an award show. Every time Cyrus held a microphone, or presented some type of skit, she refused to mention anything but marijuana. There was no real message about legalization, she just wanted to remind everyone she likes it; as if the dreadlocks she sported didn’t make that clear enough. Cyrus’ uninspired jokes and, at times, blatant racism were uncomfortable for both audiences at home and in attendance.

2.) Onika Queen of rap Nicki Minaj came out swinging hard last night. She opened the event with a Trinidad Carnival inspired performance of “Trini Dem Girls” which lead into a piece of “The Night is Still Young” where Taylor Swift joined her on stage, and the women publicly buried their hatchet with an on stage hug. Moments later, Minaj was awarded best hip-hop video for “Anaconda.” She gracefully walked up to the stage, thanked her fans, told them they were beautiful and thanked her pastor before publicly destroying Miley Cyrus. “And now back to this bitch that had a lot to say about me in the press the other day,” Minaj said. “Miley, what’s good?” The jab was in reference to a recent interview Cyrus had with The New York Times, where Cyrus tore into Minaj’s way of addressing racial issues. Everyone watching, including award presenter Rebel Wilson, was visibly shocked by the bold and awe-inspiring move.

1.) #Kanye2020 Kanye West is running for President in 2020. After accepting the Vanguard lifetime achievement award, West gave a confusing, though oddly touching, speech. He apologized to Taylor Swift for the incident in 2009, talked about some faults in the music industry and gave his thoughts on apple juice and the merits of wearing a leather shirt. Then, out of nowhere, he made his announcement, left his award on the stage and went back to his seat to take a nap.

The internet is already flooded with photos, gifs and videos of last night’s most jaw-dropping moments, but these are the ones worth looking up.