New EP from The Bummers blends punk alt-rock with Cajun spices

Jack Ross, Contributing Reporter

Alt-rock band The Bummers new self-titled EP blends punk rock with a peppering of funk in a fresh springtime sound. “The Bummers” features 5 full tracks demonstrating the band’s ability to successfully blend various genres and intensities. The four band members, Sean Doyle, Ben Shooter, Ethan May and Paul Katzman, are young but show wide range and talent in their playing styles.

The first song from the album wonderfully introduces the band and the rest of the EP. While the rest of the EP bends slightly towards punk, the opening track casually and confidently ushers in the rest of the album’s growing confidence and bold sound. The second track from the album, titled “She’s Pretty When She Smokes,” is filled with heavy drum lines and raucous, yet smooth and melodic, guitar riffs.

The whole EP’s ability to effortlessly transition between sweeping guitar riffs and passionate vocals in a variety of genres shows this young band is definitely surging forward in a groovy direction. The band cites influences such as The Grateful Dead, Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Talking Heads on their Facebook page. Elements of each band from punk to classic jam guitar rhythms surface throughout the EP.

The Bummers will shred live on April 17 during The Battle of the Willow. The Bummers and Exotic Pets will represent Tulane as they clash with Loyola’s best in Arm Candy and Chopped up Tulips. Tickets are $7.

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