USG Vice President for Academic Affairs Platform

Junior Stephanie Metherall

As a transfer student, I have had the unique viewpoint of two undergraduate experiences: a small liberal arts school in the Northwest and the distinctive atmosphere of Tulane. I’ve had intimate interactions with two different Offices of Academic Advising and two different Offices of Study Abroad. I have to attribute my own personal success here to the resources provided to us as Tulanians: my advisors, professors and peers in the classroom. These are the aspects of our campus that are truly unique. In the face of great adversity this year, it’s clear now that Tulane students, faculty and staff are ready to become more integrated, more innovative. This translates to closing gaps between the undergraduate schools and university-wide support of the unique opportunities that made us choose Tulane: the new Architecture [four-year bachelor’s degree] and [Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship] minor and a more flexible service learning curriculum. It’s time to bring the conversation about mental health into the classroom: for professors to be a transparent and open resource to all students, for more puppies on the quads during times of campus-wide stress. I also hope to complete initiatives set in motion this year in USG, including better access to printing for all students and a more organized and informative course registration system. It is obvious after this year, that in the same ways this community shapes those who pass through it. It is our turn as students to leave an impact—to direct our studies and the classroom environment in ways that are meaningful to us.