Simple Sage: Going home with plus one for spring break

Dear Simple Sage,
I’m driving home for spring break since I only live three hours away, and my boyfriend is coming with me. We started dating in January and my parents haven’t met him yet. I’m worried they might not get along. How do I make this week bearable?
Sunny but Stressed

Dear Sunny but Stressed,

Road trips are the invention of cheap people wandering along highways until they stumble across a landmark in their 99-cent tour pamphlet. Luckily, you have a real destination in mind. As you jump with glee with each Waffle House that disrupts the monotonous tree-barricaded roads, here’s some advice to think about to keep your parents, your boyfriend and you sane.
First off, consider your boyfriend’s personality. If he’s awkward around everyone except you, realize you’ll need to do most of the talking when he meets your parents. On the other hand, if he’s a Chatty Charlie, use this to your advantage. Initial impressions are important, and a great first conversation between your parents and him is only helpful. 
You should also think about how much or how little you plan to be in the house. If your boyfriend is new to the Gulf South, you can use this as a good excuse to explore the area and limit small talk with your folks. Your parents might feel some relief from not being cooped up with you two. Remember, they’ve been used to not having your constant presence around, so it’s difficult for them to fully readjust. Your parents will also probably ask you both to stay in separate rooms. Best to follow their wishes so the week goes that much smoother.
You didn’t mention if you have siblings, but, depending on your relationship with them, they can make those pre-dinner table conversations relaxed or nail-bitingly excruciating. 
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