USG President Platforms

Sophomore Trace Hancock

Our hearts beat as one, Green Wave. We have built momentum around conquering adversity and striving for progress. When we are confronted with overwhelming circumstances, we build overwhelming community. The heartbeat of our university balances somewhere between conversation and community.

From football to Fitts—we have had many new beginnings. We have heard the call for authenticity and vulnerability at Tulane—signals of a changing tide. It’s time we continue with this shift toward a healthier and more progressive Tulane. The duty of the president is to engage, understand and interact with Tulanians. I want to see Tulane operate as a collective unit whose heart beats for change, for commitment and for resolution.

This year we experienced the importance of unity. We have been reminded that inclusivity must dwell at the core of our culture, we have learned to rally behind our friends in times of hardship, we have embraced One Wave to build an environment of care and concern and we have seen what community truly looks like. Now, it’s time to build.

Junior Madeline Hicks


We are at a crucial point in Tulane’s history. This year has seen monumental progress—with new university leadership, Yulman Stadium, newfound focus on mental health resources and programs aimed towards sexual assault prevention. In the Undergraduate Student Government we’ve worked tirelessly to create the Tulane that will serve every student best. We cannot let this progress slow. It is important to recognize the losses that have made this an incredibly difficult year for Tulanians. I pledge to honor that suffering and to help build a stronger Tulane.

If elected, I promise to focus my energy on supporting the mental health and well-being of every Tulane student. With more programs aimed at strengthening our bond as students, we have an even greater ability to support one another.

I will continue to work toward more transparency in [USG], both in our initiatives and in the process of becoming involved. With more accessibility comes the progress students want, need and demand.

My administration will provide increased access to the resources students need to maintain their health. With bike repair stands and water bottle filling stations, everyone can stay healthier and happier. I think we can, still, do more.

Through USG, [Tulane Emergency Medical Services] and Greek life, I have shown my dedication to improving Tulane. I’d be honored to serve Tulane as the [USG] President in the upcoming year. I promise to be accountable, engaged and to keep innovating. Let’s change Tulane together.

Non Sibi Sed Suis,

Madeline Hicks