Siberia to experience the explosive force of punk-rockers Diarrhea Planet

Maddie Birch, Contributing Reporter

At 10 p.m. on Friday, garage rock band Diarrhea Planet will be play at Siberia. Contrary to what their crude name might imply, Diarrhea Planet is anything but crappy. A six-piece band based out of Nashville, the group is characterized by its driving guitar riffs and singsong melodies, with lyrics heartily and comically delivered by guitarist and frontman Jordan Smith.  The band’s most recent LP release, “I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams,” was well received among indie-punk aficionados, who view the album as a perfectly screamy compilation of whimsy and zeal.

Smith and friends Emmet Miller, Brent Toler, Mike Boyle and Casey Weissbuch formed the band in 2009 during their undergraduate years at Belmont University in Nashville. Since its garage advent six years ago, the group has developed a solid fan base that is just as capricious and ready-to-party as the band itself.

Diarrhea Planet fans will tell you that the best part about their jumpy, head-banging, Thin Lizzy punk rock vibe is the pure entertainment of the live shows. From its juvenile beginning, the band’s goal has simply been to go brazenly and shamelessly crazy. It seems they’ve succeeded, having toured the country numerous times and created rowdy, energetic, sweaty atmospheres inside hole-in-the-wall venues that leave show goers drenched and humming to their catchy, almost earworm hooks.

So, rejecting this band solely on its appellation might just be a mistake. But if you want to make that judgment for yourself, you’ll have to see them live.