Tulane student William Carney to perform at Buku


SC Ogorek, Staff Reporter

Like many Tulane students, William Carney attended Buku Music + Art Project as a freshman and sophomore. As a junior, however, the Virginia Beach, Virginia native will perform at the festival.

“Going from the crowd to the stage is pretty incredible,” Carney said.

Carneyval, Carney’s performance moniker, stretches the electronic dance music genre by adding fresh beats with a commercial appeal. His music has captured the ears of audiences in the Untied States and abroad. During live performances, he plays the keyboard onstage with other live instrumentalists.

“It’s feel-good music that people want to hear and share with their friends, which makes it perfect for live performances,” Carney said.

Since transplanting to New Orleans, Carney’s music has noticeably absorbed some of the city’s signature culture. Carney has attended local live performances, exposing him to more jazz and funk.

“It’s a great place to grow my sound and refine it,” Carney said.

Carney is unique as a young student-musician struggling to balance school and a musical career. On top of attending classes and completing the work, he tries to find a balance and spend the rest of the time in the studio in his house.

“It’s challenging to manage time and delegate priorities,” Carney said.

Outside of performing at Buku, the 20-year-old hopes his career will continue to expand. He wants to keep playing music and be able to financially support myself. In the next five years, he wants to travel more and tour throughout the world.

“My fan bases have been growing,” Carney said. “When people are on the internet, they can find your music from all over in the world.” 

He spends all his free time in his studio to produce free new music. He also connects diligently with fans through Twitter. By coming out to Buku, you not only get to see a great performance but also support a fellow peer.

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