Nearly 700 women begin spring sorority recruitment

Daniel Fitzpatrick, Associate News Editor

Friday marked the beginning of Tulane’s sorority recruitment process, drawing 694 women to participate.

Director of Sorority and Fraternity Programs Liz Schafer said there has been a noted increase in the number of women interested in the recruitment process at Tulane in recent years. In 2010, only 476 women out of a similarly sized freshman class participated in recruitment.

Schafer said the large number is part of an upward trend of involvement in Greek life among many colleges.

“We have seen a consistent uptick in the number of women interested in sorority membership across the country, and that is absolutely the case at Tulane, as well,” Schafer said.

Despite the increase in numbers, Allison Margolis, senior and vice president of Panhellenic Recruitment, said the process of sorority recruitment has remained the same as in previous years.

“The process has not changed despite the growth,” Margolis said. “[Recruitment] has stayed the same every year but was adjusted for when [Alpha Delta Pi] came on last fall and to accommodate the growth.”

Having so many potential new members does present some organizational difficulties, but Margolis said that the recruitment process is exciting for both sides.

“The most exciting part is obviously when the potential new members are enthusiastic,” Margolis said. “Interacting with the potential new members and seeing their excitement is fulfilling and one of my favorite parts about the process. When a potential new member finds a sorority that is the right fit for them it makes the whole process worthwhile.”

Schafer said that recruitment is exhilirating.

“I think the most exciting part is seeing so much interest in joining the Panhellenic community here,” Schafer said. “To me, it’s a testament to all the wonderful things our sororities do, both on campus and throughout New Orleans.”

Schafer said that there are many challenges, as some recruitment days last 18 hours long.

The constantly increasing number of women participating in the recruitment process presents logistical difficulties that the Panhellenic community must overcome.

“The most difficult part of recruitment for me would be the long hours and making sure everything goes off without any difficulties, which is hard to promise,” Margolis said. “The process becomes stressful with the amount of women and it being the start of the semester, but [it’s] nothing we can’t manage.”

The sorority recruitment consists of two weekends with various events during which potential new members and the sororities interact with each other, then participate in a mutual selection process. The recruitment process concludes with Bid Day, which will be Monday this year.