‘Daily Show’ star Jessica Williams to deliver on-campus lecture

Tyler Mead, Associate Arcade Editor

Beyonce’s biggest fan and comedic icon is on her way to Tulane, and no, it’s not Michelle William’s career. “The Daily Show” Correspondent Jessica Williams will be taking the stage 8 p.m. Monday  in the Kendall Cram Room of the Lavin-Bernick Center, and the Arcade is pretty psyched.

Williams made her “Daily Show” debut in 2012 during the Republican primary election. At the time, she was only 22, making her the youngest “Daily Show” correspondent in history. Since her first report on college campuses being Obamafication centers with drive-through abortion clinics, Williams has been a powerhouse of the show.

She has covered issues ranging from racial discrimination to anti-abortion legislation with the perfect amount of tact and comedic flare that has made her shine as “The Daily Show’s” brightest star over the last three years. Her confidence and wit makes her more than capable of holding her own with fellow correspondents, going so far as to upstage John Stewart on his own show with lines like, “The stand your ground defense is like bleach. It work miracles for whites, but will ruin your colors.”

Along with her tenure on “The Daily Show,” Williams is known for her performances at the renowned Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles. Being hip with the kids, Williams content includes discussions on Tinder, social media and Beyonce.

Williams is easily one of the front runners for our generation’s comedy scene. Her brilliance and 6-foot stature are intimidating to say the least, but, just like Beyonce, she needs to be seen live.