The ultimate team on campus: Rex gets competitive


The men’s ultimate frisbee team, Rex, practices three days a week in addition to weightlifting and track workouts. They hope to get a bid to the USA Ultimate 2018 Division I College Championships.

They have skill. They have endurance. They have dedication. The only things they lack are a round ball and referees. The men’s club ultimate frisbee team, Rex, has put in long hours of training, and team members have hopes of getting a bid to the national tournament this year.

Tulane has a competitive team, ranking top 30 in the nation in recent years. This year the team hopes to reach the top 20.

Though a club team, many of the athletes put varsity-level effort into their sport. In addition to weightlifting and track workouts, members of Rex practice three days a week.

“In the last few years, we have been at that national level where people are putting in dozens of hours a week and almost putting forth a varsity-level commitment for some of us,” senior captain Chance Cochran said.

While ultimate frisbee is a sport known for its emphasis on the spirit of the game and sportsmanship, the team still takes its game seriously and seeks healthy competition and professionalism.

“Everyone is pretty loose, and we hang out off the field,” Cochran said. “But when we are playing and when we are practicing, it is pretty heated and pretty focused.”

All of the club teams attend tournaments throughout the year, with the B team traveling to around three throughout the year and the A team attending as many as 10 tournaments across the country.

“In the fall we travel to about four tournaments, and in the spring we go to about five or six,” senior captain Billy Donatuti said. “… We are probably on the road every other weekend, every three weekends for sure.”

As a club sport playing at nearly a varsity level, Rex funds most of its own expenses out of pocket.

“We have to pay for our flights,” Donatuti said. “[Tulane] pay[s] for our gas. That’s the most funding we get.”

Because the boys on the team spend so much time together, they have formed long-lasting friendships both on and off the field.

“The people that I met that first day as a freshman are now the people that I am living with next year,” sophomore Andrew Lewis said. “That was my strongest friend group.”

Rex team members are looking forward to the year ahead of them as they work toward their goal of getting a bid to the USA Ultimate 2018 Division I College Championships in Milwaukee.