Resident professor, family call Greenbaum House home

Alexis Topel, Contributing Reporter

Though the real estate next door to a notorious bar would be unappealing to most families with young children, one family with its 15-month-old baby has decided to move in to an apartment in Barbara Greenbaum House at Newcomb Lawn.

In addition to housing students, Tulane’s newest residence hall also houses psychology professor Lisa Molix. As Resident Professor of Greenbaum, Molix lives onsite with her husband, Chuck Nichols, and their daughter, Olivia. 

“I was very worried that living next to The Boot would be terrible,” Molix said. “The first night the halls were open it was a madhouse, and it was so loud outside. When we went inside, though, the soundproofing had definitely worked.”

Molix said that living on Zimple Street has proved convenient for her family. Last week, her sister was in town and needed flour for cooking. She went across the street and picked some up from The Boot Store. 

Molix’s journey to Greenbaum began last year when Tulane put out an advertisement for a resident professor opportunity in the new residence hall. After an application and an interview, Molix and her family were offered in Greenbaum.

Her husband, Nichols, is an psychology professor. He teaches at Loyola University New Orleans. Molix and her husband met while they were both students at the University of Missouri, where Molix completed her undergraduate and graduate studies. 

The family resides in an open layout apartment on the first floor of Greenbaum. The walls are neutral colors, and the design is loft-like. Moliz said the only negative the family has faced so far is that it no longer has a yard for Olivia to play in.

“Olivia really misses the sprinkler we used to set up in the yard,” Molix said. “We’ve set up her pool a few times next to the chapel for her to play in, and she loves that.”

Molix is working with the Living Learning Community of Greenbaum to plan some activities for students. Every month will have a theme and October’s focus is on breast cancer awareness. In September, the community hosted a few events, but Molix said she hopes to increase the interaction now that the school year is underway. 

“It’s really cool so far,” Molix said. “I was not teaching undergrads for a while, so I have missed the undergrads. I really like it. I did a lot of residence life activities as an undergrad. It’s a good fit for us.”

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