Letter to the editor: The Hullabaloo wrong to publish name of suicide victim

To the editor:

As a recent alumnus and current graduate student of Tulane University, I have concerns regarding the recent reporting methods The Hullabaloo followed in relation to the on-campus suicide that occurred last Wednesday. Including the name of the student who committed suicide was out of line considering the family had specifically asked for privacy on the matter.

I agree with The Hullabaloo that reporting on suicide is not a matter of whether to report on it; rather, it’s a matter of how to report on it. Suicide is not an easy topic to discuss, and most people avoid talking about it rather than “clearing the fog” as mentioned in the letter from the editor. Reporting the name of the student does not help achieve this goal. By doing so, one skirts the boundaries of journalistic integrity when a family specifically asks for privacy.

If your intent in reporting the suicide is to indeed educate students on the resources available to them, then why did you wait until receiving a request from a fellow reader to include information on how students can get help? When I first read the article reporting on the suicide, information that could be helpful to prevent further suicides was not included.

I thoroughly enjoy reading The Hullabaloo, and I have been reading it since my freshman year. However, I disagree with how you reported on the suicide.

Evan Nicoll, BSM 2012, MBA 2016