Letter to the editor: Hullabaloo’s decision to publish name of dead student was distasteful

To the editor:

I found it extremely distasteful that The Hullabaloo chose to publish the name of the student who most recently passed away, especially after his family requested privacy during this unimaginably difficult time. A student publication had no right to disrespect the explicit wishes of the student’s family.  

The death of student is a tragedy and should not be used for publicity, and I’m extremely disappointed that The Hullabaloo chose to handle it as such. Releasing the name of a student who died shouldn’t be breaking news. It was nobody’s business and it’s insulting to the memory of this student and to his family. The only reason this information was published was to answer a question that many students were asking inappropriately. People who needed to know, his family and friends, already knew and didn’t need or want this information to be revealed to the entire university, especially not in such a tasteless manner. 

The Hullaballoo had no right to release the name and to directly violate the privacy of his family and friends, who merely wanted to mourn in peace. It was not your responsibility to report on this subject. I’m disgusted by the decision this publication made to take away the privacy of the family during this time. 

My condolences to everyone who has been affected by this unforeseeable tragedy. 

Nora Cowlin, Junior