Freshman Survival Guide

Tyler Mead, Staff Reporter

Welcome to Tulane, class of 2018. For months now, advice like “be yourself” or “be open to new experiences” have spewed from friends or parents to help you make the transition from high school to college. All that is true, but The Arcade has some more, thankfully less vague, tips.

Not Being “That Kid”

For the students who have already relentlessly asked about living conditions for their exotic pet, wiccans on campus or rules on carrying a weapon, it’s far too late. Facebook facilitated your status as “that kid” before the year began. For the rest of you, there’s still hope.

Being the fun guy at parties or the girl who’s a great dancer is fine, but reputations can be tricky. Word travels fast on campus. You stop being fun when your friends have to drag you to bed, mop up your vomit and get you to stop crying. Know your limits.

Wrap it up. Do not catch something just because condoms aren’t “comfortable.” Herpes is a total mood killer. More importantly, never put something in another person’s drink with the intention of committing a felony.

Do your reading. College is fun. If you fail out because you never read for a class and got straight Ds, life after college will be less fun and your parents will be less than thrilled to let you move into the basement.

Dorm Life

The first two people you’re bound to meet on your freshman floor are your roommate and your resident advisor. The fantasy of roommates being besties is great, and for some it works. For the most part, though, just get along with your roommate. If the two of you don’t click, don’t worry, you can make other friends. With RAs, just make sure they don’t hate you. Life can be difficult with your RA looking for a reason to write you up.

Identify the crazy people. There will be kleptomaniacs, some very loud angry dudes and a few girls who cry about everything. Figure out who’s who early on and avoid them. 

Find your niche. Tulane is an amazing school in one of the most alluring cities in the country. Find people here to enjoy your time with, and everything will work out fine — even if you’re one of “those kids.”