Potential resounds on new Cardinal Sons EP

Josh Kimbrell, Contributing Reporter

With “The Echo Choir” EP, Cardinal Sons valiantly attempts to rise from the underground. The pop rock trio has managed to create catchy melodies while sounding completely its own.

The soulful jazz that has been coming from Louisiana and Mississippi for generations echoes through and is immediately apparent on this EP. While the music feels more like pop than rock, its influences are rooted in jazz and blues.

“Day of Summer” kicks off the EP. Its danceable beat and smooth melody rounded by subtle three-part harmonies pair well with lyrics that are wistful and energetic.

Not all tracks, however, are as eccentric and high-spirited. For instance, “Arrival” slows to a ballad with smooth chord progressions and pleasant harmonies, and the lyrics bemoan, “all my friends are scattered now.” The loneliness pervading throughout the song is a stark contrast to the easygoing nature of Cardinal Sons’ other songs.

Cardinal Sons brings passion into the mix with “Blood.” The song has a driving drumbeat, succinct lyrics and a sweet melody. Desperation throughout the track shows the distinct soulful influences in the band.

The group knows how to have fun. “Casanova” has a youthful angst which carries the song with bold lyrics and a swaggering rhythm. It’s mixed with sweet melodies and instrumental interludes.

“Meridian” concludes the EP with a groovy tune that has a calm, easygoing feel that still allows for energetic dancing sessions. The irresistible track is an ideal finale for the collection.

“The Echo Choir” came from a studio session the group participated in with producer Charlie Sexton after winning the NewSong contest, an international songwriting competition.

After a tour across the country, Cardinal Sons has the potential to reach a new level of fame with this catchy EP.