Fullabaloo: Herbert Hall to be renamed after notable alumnus Jerry Springer

After months of discussion and debate, the Tulane administration has decided on a new name for Herbert Hall, the renaming of which was called for last November by Undergraduate Student Government. The building which houses the Africana Studies program, the History Department and the Center for Academic Equity will officially be called the Gerald N. Springer Hall after renowned Class of 1965 alumnus Jerry Springer.

“We find that Springer really embodies Tulane’s motto – not for oneself but for one’s own – in his work since leaving the Tulane community, especially in his fight to help single parents and find justice for scorn partners,” President Fitts said.

While the administration seems to think it has found the perfect candidate, there was much deliberation between the group of administrators and faculty tasked with making the decision, including possible candidates such as Newt Gingrich and other people that no one knows.

“… the name Newt Gingrich came up, but we were not sure how much of a real change that would be,” Tania Tetlow said. “We knew we had to be radical.”

The decision board said it understands the concerns brought up in the USG resolution and sees how important it is that the building reflects its purpose and its students.

“If you think about it, Springer is just a social justice warrior fighting for families, which are often those of lower socioeconomic class and of color,” history professor Salvatore “Sal” Tine said. “We also found out he was a Democrat mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio, at some point, so he probably did something there too.”